Institutional arrangements

The PKSF is the core implementing entity, which is implementing three major components – Resilient Livelihoods, Nutrition and Community Mobilisation. The PKSF has already established a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) to this end. PIU is led by a general manager who is also the project director and a deputy general manager who is also the deputy project director.

The PKSF is implementing the project through its selected partner organisations. For project implementation 19 POs have been selected on the basis of their experience of working with extreme poor (including socially excluded communities and persons with disabilities), their operational presence in the working area, institutional capacity in terms of financial efficiency and strength, operational efficiency, growth indicators and risk management indicators, among other things.

A Project Steering Committee (PSC), chaired by the senior secretary/secretary of the Financial Institutions Division under the finance ministry, oversees the overall direction of the project. The PSC has also representatives form FCDO and EU as well as form ERD, FID, and PKSF.