Crab fattening: Prosperity’s answer to salinity

Second only to shrimp in terms of exportable fisheries products of Bangladesh, fattened crabs have high demand on global market, and can fetch four...


Dadur Pushti Bagan: Gardens made possible with community support

The Prosperity programme has undertaken a series of innovative initiatives to promote homestead vegetable gardening. One is to set up ‘Dadur Pushti Bagan’ in...

Prosperity now have representation in Upazila Nutrition Coordination Committee

In light of the Second National Nutrition Action Plan (2016-2025) approved by the Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC), separate committees have been formed for...

Community Mobilisation

Women’s Empowerment Leading Gender Equality

Gender equality, women empowerment under Pathways to Prosperity

The International Women’s Day on 8 March provides an important opportunity to celebrate women’s achievement for greater equality. This year, in 2020, the world...

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Prosperity programme working for sustainable poverty alleviation

Finance division senior secretary tells Inception Phase webinar If people are poor or extreme poor, it is because they lack choices, and Palli Karma-Sahayak...

Stories from the field

Case study: Service for climate-vulnerable EP HHs

Due to geographical placement, many Bangladeshis are affected by frequent natural disasters like flash flood, cyclone, tidal surge, coastal waterlogging and saline water intrusion....

Bhola’s agents of change hold hope for young and old alike

What’s the normal temperature of a child or a grownup? Or how to check the temperature, blood sugar and blood pressure? And what are...

The ghostly house by an abandoned ditch

The house by a filthy ditch looks like an abandoned, ghostly place at first glance. But this is no ghost house. This is where...

Dadan: The name of a nightmare for Bhola fishermen

Monpura sits on the bank of the mighty Meghna that runs along the coastal district of Bhola. The upazila is home to about 1.25...

What’s next for Tanim?

Latif Mia, 45, has spent much of his life in the sea. Growing up in Bhola’s Char Monpura, he started accompanying his father for...


Prosperity has intensified awareness campaigns on Covid-19 health protocol and vaccination in efforts to contain the virus from spreading in different working areas. Led by...

Disaster and Climate Resilience