Theory of Change

The Theory of Change for this programme can be presented as four separate but connected pathways. 

Pathway 1: The target households will get support for a range of improved, durable livelihood options, enabling them to access a sustained pathway out of poverty.

Pathway 2: Combined interventions to improve extremely poor households’ access to the mainstream market increases the income and/or job opportunities and supports livelihood diversification.

Pathway 3: The voice of extremely poor people and marginal communities will be amplified through Community Mobilisation and advocacy, leading to increased GoB spending on basic services.

Pathway 4: Support for testing the introduction of comprehensive social security initiatives in lagging regions adds momentum to the reform process. This will contribute to political support and wider scale-up of a reformed social security system. 

Together, these four pathways will lead to sustained upward income and sustainable prosperity of the target households.

PPEPP Theory of Change