Overcoming Climate Challenges: Fostering Resilient Livelihoods


In the heart of Shyamnagar, a region in the Satkhira district known for its vulnerability to extreme climatic conditions, resides a determined woman named Fatema Begum. As a member of Pathways to Prosperity for Extremely Poor People-European Union (PPEPP-EU), she works to build sustainable livelihoods in this vulnerable region, battling cyclones, floods, salinity, and rising sea levels.

In the face of adversity, Fatema and many others like her have limited options to secure a reliable source of income. However, hope came knocking on her door when PPEPP-EU introduced an intensive training program on poultry rearing. Eager to explore new possibilities, she went into commercial broiler farming, hoping it would provide a stable income for her family. But the rising temperatures and excessive heat rendered broiler farming unsuitable under such extreme conditions. With the unwavering support of the PPEPP-EU project, she swiftly adapted her approach and embraced a more resilient option. With 300 ‘Sonali chickens” in tow, a breed better suited to withstand the challenging climate, Fatema started a new journey. With sheer determination and dedication, she expanded her poultry venture to a remarkable 1100 chickens.  By June, 2023, she completed eight cycles of ‘Sonali’ rearing and made a handsome net return. Her success did not go unnoticed; she became an inspiration for her neighbors and community members.

With the poultry business, Fatema and her husband decided to complement their endeavors by engaging in agricultural activities. To ensure the best possible outcomes, they sought technical and advisory support from PPEPP-EU. Fatema’s success allowed her to dream even bigger. She transformed her aspirations into concrete actions, turning her dreams of a stable home for her family into reality. From a shabby mud-built house, she is now building a permanent home that will withstand the tests of time and nature, symbolizing her resilience and determination.

The story of Fatema Begum exemplifies how PPEPP-EU’s intervention empowers individuals to withstand and overcome the challenges posed by climate change. By equipping them with practical skills and climate resilient technology and market, the project fosters resilience among those living in Bangladesh’s most climate-vulnerable regions. Fatema’s journey not only showcases the transformation of a determined woman but also illustrates the positive impact such projects can have on entire communities. As PPEPP-EU continues its work, it is stories like Fatema’s that serve as a powerful message of the potential for change and progress, even in the face of extreme climatic conditions.