Video story on ‘Prosperity Bari’

Prosperity Bari: A model for sustainable poverty alleviation through income diversification

In Shyamnagar of Satkhira district Josna Parvin’s four-member family had long been dependent on the daily income of her husband, a rickshaw puller and seasonal day laborer. Because his income is irregular, the family would often face financial hardships at times of crisis, such as health shocks and climate hazards, a common phenomenon in this climate vulnerable coastal area.

All this is changing now. Josna, a mother of two, received grants support from PPEPP-EU project to turn her household into a Prosperity Bari. She is now implementing various farm and off-farm IGAs that are already contributing to income gains.

From the start, households are provided with forward and backward market linkage support to ensure quality inputs and timely marketing and sale of the produce at the best possible price. The Prosperity Bari of Josna is earning BDT 14,000-15,000 a month from the diverse range of IGAs.

Project’s technical officers visit Prosperity Bari households periodically to provide hands-on training and technical support on vegetable production, livestock and fisheries-related management and disease prevention. They also link the households with the local government service providers for additional technical support.