Two-day Exposure Visit Held for skills development in Chuadanga


The Project Implementation Unit of the Pathways to Prosperity project organised a two-day Exposure Visits at WAVE Foundation in Chuadanga for technical officers recruited at the Partner Organisation level.

The purpose of these visits was to develop skills, technical knowledge and insights of the newly recruited project officials through hands-on training, presentations on the Pathways to Prosperity project and its components, discussions as well as field visits.

The visit took place on 3-4 December 2019, where 24 newly recruited technical and assistant technical officers from 10 partner organisations, who have already began working on the ground in the piloting phase, took part.

During these visits, project officials will learn about various employment generation and poverty reduction projects and their components, community mobilisation techniques and effective communication style at the grassroots level.

The Exposure Visits create a platform for the project officials, who come from diverse backgrounds and different working areas, to share their experience of working with the extreme poor and learn from each other.

This will also create scope for integration among different components of the project such as Resilient Livelihood, Nutrition, and Community Mobilisation, which will help project officials to deliver better results.

During the visits on December 3-4, participants got a clear idea about the project goals, and how best to achieve them.

As part of the visit, project officials visited a Black Bengal Goat and a fat-tailed sheep farms, a fish hatchery and a coco dust nursery, among other things.

They also held a series of meetings with various forums, including Elderly People’s Forum, Upazila Lokmorcha and Ward as well as Youth Committees.

The meetings discussed the potentials and challenges in their areas as well as their expectations from the Pathways to Prosperity project, which is being jointly funded by the DFID and the EU.

Two representatives from the PIU of Pathways to Prosperity project – Sardar Arif Uddin, Sector Coordinator, Community Mobilisation, and Alauddin Ahmed, deputy manager — were present during the visits.

In the coming weeks, another 74 project officials from the same POs will take part in the visits for their experience sharing in three batches. All these Exposure Visits will be organised at WAVE Foundation, a PKSF partner working for poverty reduction since 1990.



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